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The Salina Animal Shelter is a multi-faceted operation dealing not
only with adoption of homeless animals but also with animal cruelty
investigations, rabies emergency services, local and state
animal-related ordinance enforcement, animal control, & dog
licensing.  Responsibilities also extend to impounding lost pets and
stray animals, maintaining the lost and found pet records, operating
24-hour emergency services, running educational programs, and
administering the animal adoption program.
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If animals such as cats or wildlife are creating a nuisance in your area, animal traps can be
checked out for one week free of charge from the shelter for their capture.
Think an animal is being abused or neglected? Quick action on your part may save an animal's
life! Please call the shelter to start an investigation for any expected abuse or neglect.
These services are offered by appointment only and urns are available for purchase. Please
call to speak to a shelter employee for more information.
Our trained staff can answer your questions on most pet care and animal-related issues. We can also refer you to other organizations that
can assist you with specific problems.
If you find a stray pet, please contact the shelter. We keep records of animals reported missing in order to assist the return of lost pets to
their owners. We can also scan for a microchip and, if the pet has a chip, contact the pet's owner so they can be reunited with their pet. If
your pet is missing, please visit the shelter to see if someone has brought them in. If they are not at the shelter you can still file a lost pet
report so that you will be contacted when your pet is found.
We always have a variety of animals, who are looking for their "forever families", available for adoption. Our private adoption room, back
porch enclosure, and dog park all enable you to spend some quality one on one time with your prospective new family member.

See our available animals on the
adoptable pets page.

For convenience, you can download an
adoption application (pdf) to bring with you if you already have an animal in mind.
Trained shelter staff can provide education programs for schools, community organizations, civic groups, and individuals. Guided tours of
the shelter are also available. Please contact the shelter if you are interested in scheduling a tour or an educational event.
If you see a stray dog running loose in your area, please call the shelter to have it picked up. Not only will this prevent the animal getting
injured but will also give the owner of the animal a better chance of finding their pet.  Shelter staff will scan for a microchip as well as look
through lost pet reports for a match. If a match is made, then the owners will be contacted to come pick up their animal.
ADDRESS:    329 N. Second                            PHONE: 785-826-6535             EMAIL:
       Salina KS  67401-2035           FAX: 785-826-7415

Monday - Friday:   9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Saturday:                 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Sunday:                                  Closed

Federal Holidays:               Closed