Are you looking for a way to pay it forward?
Become a Friend of the Salina Animal Shelter!
  • Exercising Dogs
  • Grooming Dogs
  • Socializing Cats
  • Grooming Cats
  • Rescue Waggin' Video
  • Rescue Waggin' Assistant
  • Rescue Waggin' Behavior
  • Photography
  • Off-site Visits
  • Foster Care (Dogs)
  • Foster Care (Cats)
  • Office Work
  • Laundry/Stocking
  • Light Cleaning
  • Greeter
  • Adoption Assistance
  • Public Speaking
  • Art Design
  • Website Design
  • Social Media
  • Fundraising
  • Research/Grant Writing
The Friends of the Salina Animal Shelter is a non-profit volunteer
organization that is dedicated to helping the animals at the Salina Animal
Shelter. These volunteers brighten the lives of the many pets cared for at
the shelter daily. Volunteers are an integral part of getting the animals
socialized, keeping them exercised, and getting them exposure to the
public all with the hopes of finding all the shelter animals new furr-ever
homes and furr-ever families!
"Giving second chances in finding forever homes"
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If you are interested in volunteering please fill out our
volunteer application and bring it to the Salina Animal Shelter
along with the $10 application fee.
Volunteer Opportunities in
all the following areas:
Foster homes feed, care, train,
socialize and most importantly
love shelter animals.  The need for
more foster families is ever present
as everyday more animals are
being released to the shelter.

Foster parents take in sick or
injured dogs and cats needing
quiet space and extra attention as
well as expectant and nursing
moms with their puppies and

The TLC given in foster care, in
addition to the extra space foster
families provide, allow for less
animals to be euthanized.
Taking care of a  
new fur family is
an important job  
for a lucky foster
  • All you do have to do is to provide a
    temporary home with lots of TLC!
  • Food and approved vet care is
    provided for all shelter pets in foster
  • Average foster care is from 3 - 10
    days, except for maternity duties.
  • Foster care are important in
    enriching the lives of shelter pets.

The Rescue Waggin' is a PetSmart Charities Program that saves lives by
transporting dogs and puppies from overpopulated regions to areas where
adoptable dogs and puppies are in demand.

The Friends of the Salina Animal Shelter test each dog before it is allowed to go
on the Rescue Waggin'. This is a three person job in which one person video
tapes the dog being tested by the Behavior Assessor, another person assists
the Behavior Assessor with whatever is needed (ranges from holding the leash
to documenting results), and the last person is the Behavior Assessor who
conducts behavior tests and observation to determine a dogs eligibility to go
on the Rescue Waggin'. Then eligible dogs get to take the Rescue Waggin' to
shelters where the adoption rate is higher. This is a great opportunity for our
shelter dogs to try and find new families!
Salina Animal Shelter has the
unique opportunity to be one
of only sixty shelters, in the
Petsmart Charities Rescue
Waggin' operation, transporting
pets to high demand areas!

Saving Dogs One Ride At A Time
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